Volume AB Test an Audience?

Volume AB Test an Audience?

The Keyword or Search String used for a Search Query on Search Engines browsers has an answer or response know as a
Search Engine Result Page (SERP).

As you search a subject for information using a search engine.
The Search Engine Result Pages or SERP’s will give a number of results found against the keywords, search strings used for Search Engine Queries. These can be Organic Results, Paid Search, Pay Per Click advertising (PPC) and Enhanced Results.

Does Volume matter, marketing to an Audience?
Ultimately yes as your Audience is larger, But bigger is not better when trying to get your XYZ seen on SERP’s.
Different result volumes can all be helped using optimization get XYZ seen in different size SERP’s. Digital marketing and Optimization will help your online presence regardless of search engine result page volume. Getting content indexed correctly, so it presents in relevant search engine result pages, best it can is key. Different volumes need slightly different approaches to digital marketing and optimization.

A similar search string or keyword has different SERP volume results , for the same subject matter, both are new to market.
We’ll optimize and market both. We’ll A B Test these over 2024 and share our findings, about marketing and exposure results to different volume and audience sizes.

The Two SERP’s have:-
SERP for “About 284,000,000 results”
SERP for “About 10,790,000,000 results”

Find how the many ways SEO – Search Engine Optimization
Can help your digital online presence.

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