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Kristopher Jones

Founder of LSEO, a full-service SEO Company, and co-founder of APPEK Mobile Apps, a mobile app development agency.

 Search engine optimization – or SEO, as it is popularly known – is the process of setting up your business to appear in organic search engine results on popular search engines like Google GOOGL -0.40%. The process of SEO has been around since the beginning of the internet, but many business owners remain confused about the limitations of quick-fix solutions and automated approaches to SEO.

I’ve worked in the SEO industry for 17 years and was the founder and former CEO of search and affiliate marketing powerhouse Pepperjam, which I sold to eBay EBAY +10.93% Enterprise in 2009. I’m now the founder and CEO of, a fast-growing company that focuses on helping funded startups and enterprise companies dominate on Google.

For me, the idea of “quick-fix SEO” has always been one of the first myths I attempt to dispel right out of the gate with prospective clients. I’m sure that many of my clients are sick of me telling them that “SEO takes time” and that “you need to think long-term.” However, from where I sit, SEO is a labor-intensive process that requires manual expert involvement and SEO software alone can’t automate the process.

But I’m only one opinion, so I set out to explore if views from another leading expert differ and if legitimate quick-fix solutions exist to automate the process of SEO.

One reality of the last decade is that countless easy-to-use content and website management tools like WordPress and Wix have proliferated and so have SEO software and tools companies like Searchmetrics and SEMrush. However, I’m not personally convinced by out-of-the-box automated SEO solutions, so I decided to explore the topic further by interviewing one of my long-time friends, Joost de Valk. He is the founder and creator of the popular Yoast SEO for WordPress plugin, which has been downloaded nearly 30 million times.

Can SEO be Automated, read in full